It is golf season again, and I am getting out to the range a bit with my “old stuff.”  I know…why are you hitting that?  The new clubs are so much easier to hit.  Sure I enjoy playing the new stuff, but I always go back to the old stuff.   The new gear seems to minimize the “m” in E=mc2.  The old stuff was heavier and put the weight right at the sweetspot.  That is where the saying “hitting it between the screws” came from.  The old stuff trained you to be precise, and rewarded you for it.  The new stuff enlarges the effective sweetspot, and hollows out the club.  It allows for okay, and reduces the reward for precision.

So go up into your dad’s garage and pull out his old powerbilt and enjoy!  Lots can be learned from the past.

I was recently at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, a great golfing experience.  I have been there a few times, and every time the course and the weather present unique challenges.  This time I was hit with cold, high wind and rain.  I thought of my practice and the many issues that I face, often being hit from several different sides-tax considerations, charitable desires, economic realities or fears about the future and how to treat different children fairly.  Those complexities make a particularly good golf analogy to the situation to which I was confronted on the 15th tee of Pacific Dunes-brutal wind into me but a bit from the left as well, pot bunkers to the right and left of me and gorse to the left of me.  The solution is to stay steady and level, advice that holds for both estate planning and golf.  We often want to lean forward and move faster, but that is only going to send us into the weeds.