March of Dimes was created to deal with polio, and was left without a mission once a vaccine was developed.  So with a nationwide infrastructure in place, it decided to change its mission from polio to premature children.  Today, if a 501(c)(3) wants to broaden or change its mission it doesn’t need to file a

It is golf season again, and I am getting out to the range a bit with my “old stuff.”  I know…why are you hitting that?  The new clubs are so much easier to hit.  Sure I enjoy playing the new stuff, but I always go back to the old stuff.   The new gear seems to

My dad was a banker, my mom a homemaker.  Dad died of an aneurysm the morning after I graduated high school.  His will left everything in a trust for mom’s benefit, with the bank as trustee.  She was devastated over his loss, but also felt powerless, in part, because of the way dad structured things.